Instagram Reset Password Procedure Explained

Needless to explain how much Instagram could be beneficial for anyone. Whether you have to make new friends or just want to chat with your existing friends, Instagram is a great way to be in touch with all your buddies. In addition to that, by sharing your pics and videos you can get millions of views, likes, shares, and a large number of comments across the world. But, you can deprive of all these benefits if you forget the Instagram password. With that being said, I don’t mean to scare you. All I want is, you must be prepared for such an event because forgetting things like a password is in human nature.

But take note that Instagram reset password procedure is quite simple and straightforward. If you follow the right process, you can change your Instagram password in just 1–2 minute. All you need is just do as mentioned in this Instagram helping post. So, let cut to the chase and get straight to the point:

How do I change my Instagram password?

As you are reading this post, there could be two situations. Either you have forgotten your Instagram password and now want to change it. Or secondly, you might have not forgotten your password, but still, want to change it due to security related concerns. If yes, worry not. These both scenarios I am going to explain right below here.

These are steps to follow to change forgotten Instagram password:-

  • Launch Instagram app on your phone.
  • From the sign-in window, select “Forgot Password”.
  • Now enter your email so you can get a password resetting link to your registered mail id.
  • If you wish, you can use your registered phone number to confirm that you are an authenticated account holder.
  • Once you clear the verification, you will be led to create a new password.

Steps to follow to change Instagram password for security reasons

Even if you have the slightest of the slight suspicion about any unauthorized access to your Instagram account, you must change the Instagram password before it is too late. These are steps:

  • Navigate to your profile section.
  • Select the menu button with three horizontal lines.
  • Select setting from the drop down menu.
  • Now choose security and then further select “Password”.
  • Finally, to change Instagram password, first enter the old password and then enter a new password. Make sure your new password is in accordance with the password requirement. At least, have one upper case and one lower case.

How to reset Instagram password without Facebook?

A large number of people are under one misconception. And that misunderstanding is, one must use a Facebook id to reset Instagram password. This is just a rumor please ignore it. The reality is, use of Facebook is just an option. Let me explain it further. Note that, at least one of these three things is required to change the Instagram password: email id, phone number, or Facebook id. If you don’t have a Facebook account or it is not accessible at that point of time, you can use your email or phone number. Similarly, if you don’t have access to your phone number or email id, you can use your Facebook id. Just check out the previous section in which I have explained the stepwise instructions to change your Instagram password.

Forgot Instagram password and email? What to do?

Not an issue! If either of the things are not accessible, you can use your Facebook account. Yes, as Instagram is owned by Facebook, that’s why it is possible to use Facebook account to reset your forgotten Instagram password. All you need is just navigate to the Instagram login window and tap the forgotten password. Then, follow as it is mentioned on screen.

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